Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Update

First off, I'd like to say thank you so much for following the blog, I really appreciate it! It's nice to know that my hard work is paying off. It's nice to have a personal(ish) blog that has followers, as it reassures me that people are (kind of) paying attention and care what I have to say. It's a small thing, 30 followers, but it's alot for me! Please recommend your friends to this blog, and I'll think of a special drawing for the 50th follower.
On a different note, I'd like to reach out to you for help. I'm at a complete loss for ideas, and simply cannot kill people without an innovative method. Please send me all of your ideas (I consider them all!), and if yours is selected, I'll thank you either in the picture or on the post with it.
Thanks for all your help, my crazy kettle of imagination I call a brain is processing ideas!


  1. Well, there are a lot of interesting ways to die. There is this book or show, I forget which, called 100 or 1,000 ways to die. Just look it up on google or something, because they have some very interesting ways that you could die.

    Maybe a girl could be swimming in the ocean and some tuna fishers (this would be back before our time; before all of the protests got them to change their methods) were hunting for the tuna swimming underneath the dolphins, and she rode on her father's speedboat to go and save the dolphins. So she jumps out into the water, and they are using their propellers to keep the male leaders from guiding the dolphins away, usually killing a lot of them. Total bloodbath. So she gets in the middle, and she persists with her efforts of saving them. There's no one on the water, and they are too far out for anyone to see them, so they just end up slicing her with their propellers. Quite an interesting way to die, huh? Haha. A twist on murder.

  2. Well.. it's not really funny. That would be quite awful and gory. But kind of intriguing. You could tell them about what tuna fishers used to do in the 60's or 70's.. maybe even the 80's if I recall. They would kill a lot of dolphins with their propellers or they would strangle them in the nets and leave them their, either dead or to die. And no one did anything about it, until kids and many other groups protested and boycotted their products. She could wear Gucci and live in a huge mansion on the water...

  3. Great idea Victoria! However, it's a bit too much to explain in the picture. I would like to do a drowning one, but it'd take some time.