Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quick Update!

Hey Everyone! I'm still clueless as to what the next graphic should be. I love doing these, but I don't have any ideas.
I opened a new competition, and a prize will be a featured graphic on here! If you'd like to win that prize and more, join Dusted With Beauty!
If you join and you came from here, please let me know on your entry and you will receive a surprise!
Featured judges include myself, Findurlove, and HausOfGossip. Contact me if you are interested in being a judge.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Never Before Seen!

I was greatly dissapointed when I opened this and found out that it was for my old blog The Style Diary...But nevertheless, this is an unreleased ad/graphic to sponsor that blog. The magazines used for the bottom are Style, Eternity, Different, Fierce, TeenStyle, and Glamour. This took me literal hours to make, because for one, the covers didn't want to work, and I had to make the names of the designers all fit. Let me know if you like!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anatamy 101

Apparently there is a bone in the foot called the 'OMGWTF', and it was recently discovered by Cover Magazine's lovekuting. In addition to the OMGWTF, the toe is quite unique too!
Seriously? I applaud them for drawing their own graphics, but this is most certainly not flattering. The worst thing about it is that the actual spoiler is huge. I just found this funny, and thought it might make someone laugh. Hopefully I was right!
No offense to the graphic artist, just having fun.
Cover is supposed to come out this Fall, but with all the deleting and abandoning of projects, one can never be too sure.

P.S. I don't label my gossip/two cents posts. Wouldn't want to confuse the readers!

A Turning Point!

I know that this was a blog for my project, 'Fashionable Crimes', but I've decided to take it a step further. I love what I did with the blog, but I miss blogging. Nobody usually comments on my posts, but what the heck, I love to do it anyway. Perhaps I'll hit the motherload of Followers, and get tons of comments.
Anywho, I'd like to add that extra level of fierceness (Bless Christian Siriano!) to the blog, also known as gossip/my two cents. I've said this a lot on blog applications and on actual blog posts, I see both sides of the argument. I want to talk about who is being a total dumbass, and who is making the smart moves. I want to hit the key notes of the arguments, and I highly encourage the ass-kissers followers to comment on the posts and rally for their favorite person!
I'm not going to whore myself out and ask for billions of comments and followers, but if you find my posts interesting, funny, horrible, sucky, or anything else, let your friends know about it. I don't mind if you hate me, it's funny when people say, 'yu thenk u r soooo kewl n elite but u rnt so stop tryn k?!1?'. Learn some grammar...please.
So, to quote Richard Branson's book, "SCREW IT, LET'S DO IT!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Update

First off, I'd like to say thank you so much for following the blog, I really appreciate it! It's nice to know that my hard work is paying off. It's nice to have a personal(ish) blog that has followers, as it reassures me that people are (kind of) paying attention and care what I have to say. It's a small thing, 30 followers, but it's alot for me! Please recommend your friends to this blog, and I'll think of a special drawing for the 50th follower.
On a different note, I'd like to reach out to you for help. I'm at a complete loss for ideas, and simply cannot kill people without an innovative method. Please send me all of your ideas (I consider them all!), and if yours is selected, I'll thank you either in the picture or on the post with it.
Thanks for all your help, my crazy kettle of imagination I call a brain is processing ideas!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Cannibalism is from the Spanish word, Canibalis, a name for the Caribs of the West Indies.
Linda recently got a gender change, and served bull penis to the people of the club. She was later jailed for murdering fellow New Yorker Dimitri, and serving him up.

Little Red Riding Hood

This is a modern take on Little Red Riding Hood. On the right is John, as the wolf.
This is also the first Fairytale feature, and more will be coming.
Unfortunately, Aba went missing right after the shoot, and police suspect another teen model, Ciaraleanne.