Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Turning Point!

I know that this was a blog for my project, 'Fashionable Crimes', but I've decided to take it a step further. I love what I did with the blog, but I miss blogging. Nobody usually comments on my posts, but what the heck, I love to do it anyway. Perhaps I'll hit the motherload of Followers, and get tons of comments.
Anywho, I'd like to add that extra level of fierceness (Bless Christian Siriano!) to the blog, also known as gossip/my two cents. I've said this a lot on blog applications and on actual blog posts, I see both sides of the argument. I want to talk about who is being a total dumbass, and who is making the smart moves. I want to hit the key notes of the arguments, and I highly encourage the ass-kissers followers to comment on the posts and rally for their favorite person!
I'm not going to whore myself out and ask for billions of comments and followers, but if you find my posts interesting, funny, horrible, sucky, or anything else, let your friends know about it. I don't mind if you hate me, it's funny when people say, 'yu thenk u r soooo kewl n elite but u rnt so stop tryn k?!1?'. Learn some grammar...please.
So, to quote Richard Branson's book, "SCREW IT, LET'S DO IT!"

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