Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anatamy 101

Apparently there is a bone in the foot called the 'OMGWTF', and it was recently discovered by Cover Magazine's lovekuting. In addition to the OMGWTF, the toe is quite unique too!
Seriously? I applaud them for drawing their own graphics, but this is most certainly not flattering. The worst thing about it is that the actual spoiler is huge. I just found this funny, and thought it might make someone laugh. Hopefully I was right!
No offense to the graphic artist, just having fun.
Cover is supposed to come out this Fall, but with all the deleting and abandoning of projects, one can never be too sure.

P.S. I don't label my gossip/two cents posts. Wouldn't want to confuse the readers!


  1. anatomy 101, thanks for the article about cover :) really appreciate it. i hope that cover stays as well. its hard to keep up with projects when school starts but the fall issue will be out by august and we're working on keeping that commitment. cover won't be active by september but will feature "ads" by october and november. thanks again!

    constructive criticisms makes you grow :)